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A fashion for Ukrainian wives exists in the world for many years. Everywhere there is a myth about beautiful, kind, housewifely, practically ideal women who are born, grow up and live on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. According to this legend, practically every of them dreams of getting married with a foreigner. Even if it is connected with big hardships and a language barrier and a change of place of living. The most interesting thing is that this legend is not far from truth.

In Ukraine from the soviet times there is a special attitude to foreigners formed among women. In the times of the ‘iron curtain’, thereafter in the hungry and raucous 1990s girls and women from different regions and practically all ages were not against meeting a foreign prince and getting married with him.

With a development of the internet and emergence of a great number of dating sites there emerged specialized dating agencies – for Russian (Ukrainian) women and foreign men only. It is worth noting that even now, when it became obvious that a life of Ukrainian women abroad is not so cloudless, that while living abroad women face many hardships and problems which often don’t cancel a need to work and keep household, Russian women are still attracted by foreign countries. They still dream of a beautiful fairytale despite all stories that in a foreign country it is hard for a woman to adapt and accept peculiarities of a local life and traditions. It is extremely difficult to accept another religion, move closer to relatives and friends of a partner, learn a language, find a more or less good job etc. The list is huge. That’s why one can decide on such a serious step only having thought over the life situation and, surely, for a big love.