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There are numerous traditions and customs in a Ukrainian wedding rite, that’s why weddings in Ukraine were for a whole week. Not in vain people say ‘played a wedding’ because it wasn’t just a feast and a partying, but a whole complex of rituals. In Ukraine in wedding rites still folk traditions prevail in rural localities.

Historical sources testify that among Ukrainian peasants a religious marriage was for Ukrainians just an opinio necessitates, but a wedding itself, not a marriage service was considered a legal guarantee of family happiness. After the wedding service young people could live separately for some time while before they organize a wedding. A Holy Synod demanded to punish such mates for their misconduct. Only in the XIXth century when church permitted to wed on a wedding day a religious and folk marriage were combined.

Ukrainians celebrated weddings in different ways. Even in neighboring villages there could be differences in customs and traditions. Some had a round wedding cake, others had a square one. Some put a fir branch on a table, others put a branch of a pine. However, everywhere it was cheerful, rich and ‘bitter’.

These traditions are preserved today as well. For example, in august last year in Odessa there was a wedding which was put in Ukrainian records book.

A social organization ‘Odessa Citizens’ decided to surprise the city dwellers and invite them to a big wedding table. The main idea of the unique project was ‘My big Odessa wedding’ that took place on the Greek square was to unite the whole Odessa at one table, as here in such a way have always been conflicts resolved, relationships were sorted out, old acquaintances met and new ones got acquainted, as organizers told.

A couple of young Odessa citizens – Elena and Andrew who didn’t really have a financial opportunity to organize a big wedding became heroes of this event, and the organization of the event was taken up by the organization itself. The wedding turned out to be real, but it was organized for wide audience. At 6.30 pm a wedding ceremony took place straight at the Greek square. Also, a scene was mounted were musical bands, popular humorists and dance bands acted.

‘One of the ideas of the project ‘My big Odessa wedding’ is to set a national record of Ukraine as the most numerous wedding tableful. For this official representatives of the Ukrainian Guinness Book of Records were invited to the wedding and documented the record.