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‘Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world.’ How many times have you heard that phrase? It understandable that in different countries people think different. Anyway, tastes differ. Then you may be interested to know that in Ukraine there is a huge number of ratings on various websites and magazines that describe their top 10 cities with the most beautiful women in the country. If we combine all the data together we will get a list of the cities below.

There are no ratings without Kiev. Women from Kiev are famous for their beauty, not only in Ukraine but all over the world – charming Slav appearance, tenderness and openness. In Kiev many men from different parts of Europe and even around the world are looking for their brides.

Nikolayev is very famous its mail order brides. It is definitely a city of brides.

It's hard to stay away from dating if you suddenly see how intoxicatingly beautiful women from Nikolayev. Most of them are short, blue-eyed beauties with blond hair, very friendly and well- educated.

‘Girls from Odessa’ is one of the most popular search queries associated with this city. Brightness and a variety of female beauty is determined primarily by the rich gene pool. The city was founded and built by the representatives of more than 20 nationalities.

Odessa’s women are considered beautiful and elegant, even though they are often accused of sexual love and dressing provocatively. In other matters, this is debatable.

The permanent participant of many ratings is the city of Lviv. Local women are known for their cultural and ethnic diversity. Here you can meet ‘fashionable beauties and refined models and charming hipsters." In one word this is Europe.

Became very popular the annual national beauty and talent contest ‘Queen of Ukraine’, which is held on the island of Rhodes in Greece, demonstrated that some of the most beautiful women in Ukraine live in Melitopol. Twice in a row, ladies from that city won first place.