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There is nothing surprising in the fact that the parents of the bride and the groom were anxious about the material support of both families, the matter was not only in the opportunity to pay for the wedding, but also to provide a comfortable existence for the entire family in future.
Usually, the bride-show began with praying, then according to the tradition, all the participants sat at the table and started the tea-party, which was over by the transition of his father and the matchmaker in the other room, where was concluded the contract. In the contract was agreed the composition of the bride dowry and the amount of the ransom for the bride. There have been occasions when the wedding was delayed or not held because of the violation of the contract.
The dowry, as the integral part of that weddings, played an important role in all social layers of the population. During the agreement, “collusion” or “bargaining”, the dowry was discussed properly, including movable and immovable property as well as the income that it may give. All this inventory represented the marriage contract.
In the working layers of population the dowry was discussed just orally. Strict claims were maintained not only in relation to the ransom. The bride's parents had the right to demand compensation from the groom . Nowadays, this requirement is expressed as a ransom of the bride. (7) At that time, the money received from the ransom, went on purchase of personal items for the bride.
The queen of the bride-show, of course, was the bride, but she as the culprit of this unpretentious process should keep silent during all the time and should change her clothes three times.
The bride could pass the exam on the ability to manage a household. The bride, in her turn, had to to prove her abilities to sweep and wash the floor, to cook, to wash, to sew, to embroider silently.
The bride-show also included the process of discussing the bride, which was held between the groom and her parents. The mother of the bride had to give her future son-in-law a glass of “honey drink”, if he liked the bride, he had to drink it all to the bottom.
The bride-show was considered to be successful when the guests (except the bride and groom ) and parents start to drink what, brought the father of the groom. Therefore, they immediately appointed the date of the engagement.